PARTISAN BICKERING in the US Government is costing us financially & hurting us individually.

It also damages our global reputation.


The egg analogy.

You could compare the United States of America to an egg.

There is a delicate embryo (the Republic) growing inside of it.

It is protected by a rigid shell (the President, Senate and House of Representatives).

Partisan bickering is cracking that shell, which in turn is risking the survival of our delicate embryo.

The President, Senate and House of Representatives are charged with the responsibility of protecting the Republic. Not physically necessarily, but protecting the Constitution of the United States of America, which in turn protects our FREEDOM and our way of life.

Are they?

The crack is getting larger and larger.

Pretty soon we'll be nothing more than breakfast for some deranged dictator
or terrorist group.


The world looks to a financially and militarily strong United States of America for security.

Our ideals are revered by billions of people (our old ideals, not these new bizarre ideals.)


Dear fellow American Citizens,

Partisan Bickering is making me sick.

It is hate mongering.

When a politician or a political party operates based solely on hate, and incites citizens to follow suit... what would that be called? It can't be a legitimate form of government. And yes, most of the media makes me want to vomit.


I am weary of paying taxes which support the inappropriate behavior of a lot of our elected officials. It is not in the best interest of the American public.


I am very grateful to the elected officials who are sincere and who are doing their job.

It's a shame that you guys get bunched up with the crooks and power-mongers. One day when there are more of you and less of them, it won't happen as much!


And I am beyond grateful to the men and women of our United States Military.


I am not sure what I am going to do with this site, but it will be something to encourage bipartisan cooperation.


... Connie Zimmermann


I am a Republican/Independant/Libertarian/Conservative who LOVES America and FEARS marxism, socialism & communism.

Fortunately, fear makes me strong, not weak.

updated: 02/03/2009, then 03/05/2019

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